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Rustic Retreat Massage Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I park?

There are 2 parking spots located out front of my house designated for my patients.  Please park on an angle to allow for my next patient to park.  Please DO NOT park up by the house, or block the driveway.  If you can see my backyard, you are parked in the wrong spot and will be asked to move. 


What Door do I go to?  

The clinic is located on the front WEST side of the house ( LEFT side if you are facing the front of the house).  Please walk up the walkway from the designated parking spots.  There will be a sign out front that says "WELCOME, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY".  If you do not see the sign, or the door is locked, you are at the wrong door.  PLEASE DO NOT KNOCK! This may interrupt the treatment prior to yours.  Just come in, take your shoes off, and relax.  I will be with you shortly.  


I am Really early for my Appointment, What do I do?  

PLEASE do not arrive any earlier than 10  minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Arriving any earlier disrupts the treatment prior to yours regardless of how quite you think you are. 


What types of Payments do you take?  

I accept payment by cash, e-Transfer, VISA, Mastercard and DEBIT.  An Insurance receipt is provided at the end of the treatment.  


I am Sick/have a cold. Should I keep my appointment?

In the event that you have a cold or are sick.  Please contact me prior to coming in for your appointment.  


Do you Direct Bill Insurance Companies?  

As a Registered Massage Therapist, my treatments are covered by most health insurance benefit packages.  Please note you are responsible for obtaining the details of your insurance plan.  Depending on your insurance company, I may or may not be able to direct bill, but you will be given an insurance receipt at the end of your treatment for you to submit.  



A Little Help From My Friends  

I've cultivated a vast network of local healthcare practitioners.  If I can't help you, chances are I know someone who can.